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Over a decade ago I discovered the remedial effects of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.     

I had been suffering with symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (diagnosed) for the previous 7 months. I was also diagnosed with an arthritic C-spine and truly thought that the rest of my life would be plagued with recurring pain.

The pain and numbness in my arm and hand was so bad that I could no longer work at my job or do even the simplest of chores at home. I spent most of my day with my forearm resting on the top of my head. This was the only position that offered some respite from the pain and deep ache. This pain and aching was incessant and punctuated with several lancing pain events that would awaken me throughout the night; 'going to bed'  became the most unpleasant and feared part of my day.

During those 7 months I had tried everything that was available (and recommended) in attempt to find the cure for my misery; even a slight improvement would have been most welcome. However, drugs, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and even some other rather strange treatment methods (by even stranger practitioners), did nothing to remedy the chronic symptoms. I was starting to believe I would have a lifetime of pain and poor quality of life.

Relief Arrived!

I happened to find a book by the late Mr. Clair Davies, and within 3 hours of acquiring this book, my pain had disappeared. I must admit, I thought it was simply a coincidence; how could the brief treatment I applied to my neck muscles (scalenes) have 'fixed' my long-term, chronic symptoms? What was this Trigger Point Therapy all about? I went to bed still worrying that my sleep would surely be interrupted by the dreaded night-pain. I awoke the next morning and quickly realized that I had actually slept through the night - the first time this had undisturbed sleep in over 7 months!

This was just too amazing. I still found it difficult to believe that the short treatment I gave myself the afternoon before had worked so effectively.

I opened the book and started to read more, 
and my next 'book-guided' attempt was on my wife. She had suffered from vertigo for years. I treated her sternocleidomastoid trigger points (following the book's directions) and after a couple Clair Davies and Amber Cavies - Trigger Point Workbooktreatments her vertigo symptoms ceased! Okay, now I was very interested in this newly found therapy! But I still wondered why nobody else (the doctors or therapists I had seen) had used it, or even mentioned 'trigger points'. This is still somewhat a mystery to me.

I decided that I would like to learn everything about Trigger Point Therapy. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that there was nobody in Canada that offered training... and going to the USA (and living there) for a 10 month program was financially prohibitive.

So I decided I'd simply learn this on my own - self-study. I was in for a surprise! So much to learn. The two, large, (Travell and Simons) Trigger Point Manuals were (and still are) the ultimate source of Trigger Point Therapy knowledge; virtually everything you need to know
Travell and Simons Trigger Point Textbooks is in those books! My paramedic background was helpful with some of the medical terminology, but it certainly didn't offer much benefit when it came to learning all the muscles, their names, function, attachments, and the all-important trigger point referral patterns. So, for about 2 years, I would read and read and memorize and read some more! All the while, practicing on friends and family and anyone else who would offer their body to me for practice!

There was also the all-important perpetuating factors and 'healing' protocol to learn; and a complete rethink regarding the mainstream therapy models regarding exercise and stretching.

After more than a decade of study and practice, I believe I have acquired a reasonable understanding of this seminal work that Drs. Travell and Simons, offered to the health profession, and to all those who are suffering with chronic pain and dysfunction.

I will, as long as I'm able, continue to teach, study, practice, and help those who suffer, and continue to promote wherever I go, the benefits of Trigger Point Therapy and the work of Travell and Simons.

William Huhn

Trigger Point Therapy - William Huhn

As well, a very special thank-you to the late Clair Davies. I believe his "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook", was instrumental toward introducing this effective therapy to the gereral public.
His daughter, Amber Davies, continues his legacy with the release of it's 3rd edition. Kudos.

Trigger Point Books

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"There is no "blanket advice" for trigger point issues. 
Every client is unique and has specific issues that will determine the success or failure of this therapy/bodywork. 
There are no magic "just push here" solutions, because trigger points rarely just happen in one isolated spot, and they occur and perpetuate from many different causes.

William Huhn Method TM involves detailed intake questions and a very thorough assessment and treatment for the client. 
This is in conjunction with offering our clients detailed explanation of appropriate Trigger Point protocol (which is paramount for successful results).

A good practitioner has invested at the very least, one thousand hours of study in Trigger Point methods, and employs it on a daily basis."

William Huhn 

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