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William Huhn  

Are you having pain or other symptoms when you do this?

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Trigger points 
often affect musicians and singers!

Common complaints I hear from musicians and singers:

Sore back, chest pain/tightness, sore shoulder(s), headache, neck soreness/tightness, vertigo, face pain,
diminishing voice, chronic dry cough, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore hands, numbness in limbs/hands, frozen shoulder, abdominal pain/issues, knee pain and foot pain.
These are only some of the potential problems that may be caused by myofascial trigger points.

Musicians and singers, will (and do) spend long periods of time practising. Whether you sing, play a string, percussion, wind, or keyboard instrument; this taxing of muscle will very likely produce trigger points. These trigger points, when active, can refer pain, cause tingling, weakness or numbness to areas you may not expect.

Some have had to give-up their singing and/or playing because of chronic pain problems - I know that active trigger points could be causing the majority of these issues.

I also know that most of the time, if Trigger Point protocol is followed, the cause and symptoms can be successfully treated.

If you are a musician or singer (or know of one) with pain issues, and nothing seems to be helping the symptoms improve, please contact me.

Perhaps trigger points are the true source. 

William Huhn


Here are some common symptoms we treat.
Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Piano/Keyboard - carpal tunnel symptoms, headache/migraine, vertigo, upper back, shoulder pain, burning,
finger joint pain, nodes forming in the finger joints, sciatic pain.

String Instruments -
face pain, neck stiffness /pain, numbness in the hands or fingers, chronic cold hands,

carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain /swelling, back pain /stiffness, chest pain, headaches, migraines.

Wind Instruments -
headache/migraine, upper back pain, wrist pain/swelling, tennis elbow, deep pain in the arm,

chest pain /tightness, toothache, clicking/popping in the jaw, dry chronic cough.

Precussion Instruments -
hand pain, finger joint pain/nodes, upper back pain, groin pain/ache, vertigo, headache/migraines.

Singer -
chronic dry cough, voice diminishment, tightness/pain in the chest, abdominal issues,

cardiac arrhythmia, arm pain, numbness in the hands,
cold hands, vertigo, itch deep inside the ear, excess sinus secretions,
heartburn/acid reflux, tinnitus.

These symptoms very often originate from active myofascial trigger points.
They often can be successfully treated with good, comprehensive Trigger Point bodywork! 

We offer 1-day and 5-day Trigger Point C.E. workshops that address Vocal (singer) and Musician Issues.

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