Trigger Point Certification - 

  • Joining our International WHMTM Trigger Point Group


There is a severe global dearth of Trigger Point practitioners with extensive knowledge of this therapy          

... we hope to do our part to correct this.


We are currently a small international group, dedicated to the study and implementation of effective Trigger Point methods, based on the seminal work of Drs. Travell and Simons.
William Huhn MethodTM Bodyworkers, have invested many hours studying the Travell & Simons Trigger Point Manuals - the average study time is between 500 and 1000 hours.
 This therapy involves so much more than simply compressing or needling the trigger points; therefore, it's our firm belief it requires this much study time and applied practice in order to have a comprehensive understanding of Trigger Point Therapy.
Most WHMTM Bodyworkers have also worked professionally with other types of bodywork, physical therapy, massage, or have worked in the health or fitness profession.

We hope you will consider joining our dedicated Trigger Point Therapy group. 


Prerequisites for WHMTM Level 1 Workshop:

I.e. What you should know and/or be studying.

(NOTE: Level 1, is not a CE Workshop)

  • above average knowledge of human anatomy
  • know most of the muscles that are involved with Trigger Point Therapy... this includes their names, attachments/location, and function
  • a good knowledge of skeletal system 
  • studied Travell & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual (2-Volume Set)  (minimum - 1st four chapters of Volume 1) 
  • studied The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief , by Clair Davies and Amber Davies 
  • be a kinesiologist, certified bodyworker, massage therapist, certified fitness trainer, or other health professional AND have attended at least 3, William Huhn MethodTM 1-day workshops, or have attended the WHMTM (5-day or 3-day) "Upper Half of Body and Lower Extremities" workshop.
  • NOTE: The aforementioned professional or educational prerequisites may be waived at the discretion of William Huhn. Arrangements can be made for a personal interview to determine suitability for certification.
  • NOTE: Private (intensive) workshops can be arranged with William Huhn. Contact William for details.
  • Hold (or obtain) a current (valid) basic First Aid/CPR certificate.


During this (prerequisite) study time, the prospective WHMTM bodyworker must also employ as much hands-on time as they can - treating friends and family, and/or their (informed and agreeable) clients. 
Once they are comfortable with their basic understanding of Trigger Point Therapy, they then contact us (to apply) to register for the Level 1, alignment workshop.

Click here to order any of the books or tools you will need.

William Huhn MethodTM Trigger Point Certificate Levels:

Level 1 -

(William Huhn, will interview prospective WHMTM bodyworkers, prior to registering for the Level 1 workshop)

  • above average knowledge of human anatomy
  • know most of the muscles that are involved with Trigger Point... this includes their names, attachments/location, and function
  • superior knowledge of bones - their names/location
  • have studied the Travell & Simons Trigger Point Manuals
  • have studied the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, by Clair Davies and Amber Davies
  • ideally have attended at least 3, William Huhn MethodTM 1-day workshops, or have attended the WHMTM (5-day) "Introduction to Trigger Points; Hands-on Workshop - Upper Half of Body and Lower Extremities"
  • have successfully completed the WHMTM Level 1 workshop (see workshop overview below)

Level 2 - Advanced

  • holds a William Huhn MethodTMLevel 1 Certificate of Achievement
  • have logged over 500 hours employing Trigger Point therapy/bodywork as their primary treatment method
  • have extensive knowledge of Travell & Simons Trigger Point manuals
  • demonstrate comprehensive "client intake" methods
  • have exceptional client care skills
  • demonstrate extensive understanding of Trigger Point protocol
  • and have demonstrated above average knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
  • will have successfully completed the Level 2 written test, and practical examination process

 Level 3 - Approved Educator (for passionate and enthusiastic individuals who would eventually like to instruct WHMTM workshops)

  • holds a current WHMTM - Level 2 Certificate of Achievement
  • has logged at least 100 intern hours at WHMTM workshops
  • have exceptional speaking/instructing skills
  • employs Trigger Point methods as their primary method of treatment for their clients
  • has successfully completed the WHMTM Approved Educator, examination process
  • well organized and self-motivated
  • possibly available to travel (not mandatory)


Overview of Level 1 Workshop:

The William Huhn MethodTM - Level 1, workshop is not designed to teach you Trigger Point Therapy... it's purpose is to "standardize" your already acquired skills and knowledge with a Trigger Point method that is becoming known around the world for it's effectiveness in remedying/mitigating chronic soft-tissue pain.

  • This alignment workshop covers interview/intake techniques, client care, assessment techniques, draping techniques, professional conduct, contraindications, post-treatment protocol, and more.
  • This workshop consists of lecture, and hands-on work.
  • During the workshop, you will be exposed to actual clients, who may have trigger point issues. You will demonstrate your ability to obtain pertinent information that is required to effectively assess and treat these clients.
  • You will also be required to complete 4 written tests. These tests will include questions on anatomy, trigger points, client issues, contraindications, and more. You must obtain a passing mark on all the tests, before you will receive your Certificate of Achievement.

 As a WHMTM Bodyworker you will: 

  • Be listed in our website Directory, along with your website and/or contact information.
  • Receive international exposure of your Trigger Point business.
  • Have access to the WHMTM Members Only web-page (for discussions, support, and more).
  • Attend most WHMTM workshops at a reduced rate.
  • Have the opportunity to continue your studies toward Level 2 Certification, and Approved Educator Certification.
  • Be a part of a dedicated, passionate group of bodyworkers, who truly seek to help those with chronic soft-tissue pain or other (trigger point related) issues.

Travell & Simons; Trigger Point Manuals

If you would like to inquire about joining us as a certified William Huhn MethodTM Bodyworker, or would like more information, please contact us.
We'd be happy to discuss your interest in Trigger Point Therapy!

Please contact William Huhn 


 +1 250 741 1263

William Huhn or William Huhn MethodTM assumes no responsibility for any person who uses/employs Trigger Point techniques either as a William Huhn MethodTM bodyworker, or as a prospective WHMTM bodyworker.
William Huhn or William Huhn MethodTM is not a Trigger Point Therapy school, nor accredited institute, and makes no claim regarding such status.

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