Hip and Buttock and Groin

"We endeavour to create an environment conducive to muscle healing" 
William Huhn

"After just three sessions the circulation returned to my leg and hip area and the cramping ceased." - Jamie W. 

Trigger points (TrPs) that may cause hip pain, will be found in the vastus lateralis, gluteus' maximus and minimus, piriformis, quadratus lumborum, and tensor fascia latae (TFL). When affected from active trigger points, they'll cause pain patterns that many times may be misdiagnosed. Trigger points can refer pain to the hip joint and surrounding areas, including the buttocks, tailbone and even the groin.

These TrPs, along with those in your hamstrings, superficial spinal muscles and soleus, might also affect the buttocks.

The typical diagnosis for pain in the hip or buttocks is; arthritis, cartilage degeneration /thinning, disk problems, sciatica, or bursitis in the hip.

These diagnoses, even if proven, do NOT necessarily mean you should have pain as well. (E.g. I have arthritis (x-ray proven) in my neck, but do not have any symptoms.)

TrPs in the gluteus minimus is a very common cause of sciatic-like pain that refers down the side or back of the leg. Also, TrPs in the piriformis can cause this muscle to shorten and thicken, thereby compressing the sciatic nerve! Gluteus maximus TrPs can easily cause your tailbone to be sore. The TFL trigger points will offer pain referral to the front of the hip joint.

The adductor magnus (thigh adductor) TrPs often cause groin pain that is typically felt inside the pelvis. This pain may be diffuse or may be a sudden sharp explosion of pain at the pubic bone, the vagina, rectum, or rectal area (proctalgia fugax), prostate or bladder.

Many clients find that their chronic bladder issues, such as frequency or urgency (rush to the bathroom), are greatly reduced or eliminated once we remove the trigger points from their rectus abdominis muscles.

**Unawareness of trigger points that cause internal pelvic pain can lead to a wide array of mistaken diagnoses and unnecessary surgery**


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