Low Back Pain

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William Huhn 

Many of us have experienced the agony of lower back pain. For those of you who have not... be thankful!

Lower back pain is another common complaint I hear about from clients; and as a former sufferer of the aforementioned condition, I can in fact relate to their misery! When it's bad, it's really bad! Even the slightest movement causes a stabbing pain!

Active trigger points and lower back pain...

Trigger points (TrPs) in the abdominals, quadratus lumborum (QL), psoas and gluteus medius, are the usual contributors to lower back pain. Active* TrPs in the quadratus lumborum, can literally bring you to your knees! It feels like there is some serious damage happening with the spine when these TrPs are active! The QL is affected by emotional stress as well; so this could explain why your back may tend to get worse when you are under a lot of stress.

Of course day to day physical stuff can cause latent* trigger points to become active... then the pain can strike swiftly and stop you in your tracks! It can get so bad that you are literally unable to move without excruciating pain!

The good news - if trigger points are the cause of this pain then removing them will bring relief... there's really no doubt about it!

All back pain has a myofascial component! If back muscles are not free from TrPs it is unlikely that any lasting relief will be obtained. 

There is a lot more information on this topic; so if you are suffering with low back pain or any other pain and you are not getting better then you owe it to yourself to try our method of Trigger Point Therapy!

*Latent trigger points are in the muscle, but do not cause pain/symptoms.

*Active trigger points produce pain/symptoms. Trigger points can change from active to latent, which can lead you to believe that the problem is  "better", when actually the trigger points are still in the muscle. All trigger points must be removed before lasting relief is obtained.

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