Refund / Cancellation Policy


We want you to have a pleasant Trigger Point Workshop experience.
Please read the following carefully!

Please be certain you will to attend before you register.

Often, we travel to present our workshops.

We must pay in advance for venues as well as flights, hotels, and other costs.

The preparation costs that we must assume are often non-refundable to us.

With this in mind, here is our Cancellation/Refund Policy

Registrant Cancellation -

once the workshop begins, (start date) there will be no refunds nor credits.

Cancellation prior to the Cutoff Date -

the registrant must inform William Huhn (no less than 42 days prior to workshop start date) via email (info@triggerpoint.ca) of the intention to cancel their registration.

Paid registrant will receive a refund, (if cancellation notification is received 42 days or more before workshop start date).

Cancellation after Cutoff Date -

If the paid registrant cancels within 1 to 41 days of the workshop start date, no refunds will be offered.

However, if after the Cutoff Date, the paid registrant wishes to cancel, or cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances, (e.g. illness, family emergencies) then the registrant will receive a CREDIT equal to the dollar value they have already paid. This would be applied toward attending a future William Huhn MethodTM workshop in any city.
Note: The Credit option to attend a future workshop does not apply to paid registrants who are no-shows. No-shows will receive no refund nor any credit toward future workshops.

  Please note - We are not responsible for any costs incurred by registrants, that also include travel, transportation, or lodging.

Cancellation Policy with Workshop Hosts -

If the host or the presenter (presenter is William Huhn) cancels the workshop, then the paid registrant will be fully reimbursed; but only equal to the amount the registrant has paid to the host or presenter for the workshop. If you are registering through a host, (i.e. they are person accepting your payment) please inquire about their refund policy before paying your registration fee.

Although William Huhn, strongly encourages hosts to follow a fair and reasonable refund policy, William Huhn is not liable for any transactions between a registrant and a workshop host.
Please contact the host of the workshop you wish to attend for details.
You may of course, contact William Huhn for details.

In consideration of all attendees - 
William Huhn reserves the right to eject (without refunding registration fee) any attendee, from any WHMTM workshop, who demonstrates unprofessional behaviour or is discourteous to other attendees.

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