Client Testimonials

... "As a rule, health workers I've seen will claim at the outset that they know how to help (me). However, experience now tells me that almost no one really knows how to treat a patient with multiple trigger points, since the standard practice of either ignoring the trigger points' presence, or the particular challenges that they represent virtually guarantees a poor outcome. I suppose if I had a more "popular" condition I'd have a better chance at receiving adequate care."

 Excerpt from an email I received. It succinctly sums-up the frustration so many people write to me about.



My name is Nataliya, I used to be a professional freestyle skier, participated in World Cups from 2008 till 2011 and became Russian National Champion in 2010-2011 and here is my healing story. 

It begins about 3 years ago, when after an accident during training I had to undergo spinal surgery. Luckily it happened in Austria so I was really thankful for European accuracy and high technologies. After about a month I came back to my motherland, and started rehabilitation within one of the best sports clinics in Russia. Nowadays technologies of micro surgeries are very developed so they allow to operate with as less interference (tissue Nataliyatrauma) as possible, but Russian methods for similar conditions of injury would involve the installation of supportive titanium construction in the spine; so doctors and specialists were outraged by the way my surgery was done and considered it incorrect.
 They told me that if I don't bring back my core strength and build really strong muscles right away, then it will lead to serious consequences like severe rachiocampsis and something else really scary'  
So I started working hard, fighting through the pain for the next half a year under professional supervision I was doing a large complex of physiotherapy including work on range of motion and flexibility, various exercises to help develop and strengthen my back muscles. Pain was always there and after 6 months of therapy I went on a surf trip to the Philippines, that's where I met my husband and from where healing became a huge and important part of my life, I knew that my body needs special attention and care, and I knew as well that working out never made my back feel any better.  Pain is a signal that our intelligent body sends to let us know that something isn't right, and that was my sign that it's time to chill. Last couple years I spent traveling around the world, all that time I was pretty active and was trying to still do light exercises, only the ones that felt good and necessary for muscles to stay in tonus but at the same time I had to find a way to set myself completely free from pain. I knew also that I needed to meet a person who will certainly help me. I was really open and interested in trying different types of therapy and healing and even had a chance to try Mongolian acupuncture. 

I recently moved to Canada and my friend recommended me to William Huhn and see if he could help me. I find it really valuable that he doesn't just treat muscles and resulting pain, but as well pays a lot of attention on the educational part, which is probably as important as the physical therapy; it gets you to understand a physiological reason of a problem and what causes the pain and how important it is to listen to your body. William teaches and explains how our body works and pays attention not only at the area of injury but at the whole body, everything is connected in it so general health and good food are so much more important then we think, specially during a process of healing. 

After the first session I understood that all this time instead of giving my back a necessary rest - a chance to release pain and relax, I did completely opposite. 'Muscle is an organ and if it's "injured" you can't strengthen it by exercising; it will only get worse'  first you have to treat it (and the trigger Nataliyapoints) and give it time to heal then gradually and gently start working on the strength and tonus. Wm. Huhn. 

My entire back, buttocks, abdomen and hips were full of trigger points, some of them were already old - those ones which felt like were giving me this endless chronic pain, they felt hard like a rock, sounded weird and crunchy too. So after few weeks of treatments and relaxation little by little knots started to release, at this moment I only have a few left, the oldest 'crunchy ones' now seem to be way smaller, my flexibility improved and pain is much less intense. 

I really want to thank William for what he did for me so far and for sharing that amazing knowledge he gained and learned from long years of studying and treating people. I really appreciate that he is sharing this wisdom with those who need help, and I truly think that he opens peoples eyes and minds to more natural and gentle ways of curing themselves and becoming free from pain.    

Nataliya Stepanova

July 29th 2014 

This letter was sent to Lucy Pearman, who has her WHM TM Instructor Certificate, and treats clients in Auvernier, Switzerland.

"Dear Lucy,
Auvernier, you and your beautiful family have taken place in our fondest and most unforgettable memories. Coming to the trigger point therapy you applied to me while working for many hours with my husband. Mine was just for sake of friendship and as demo of the therapy. Although it was only a couple of quite short sessions I am completely free of the stiffness and pain in my shoulders. It's been more than a month and I never felt the need even to try the theracane which I was so eager to use.
I wasn't so sure of this treatment when my husband was telling about it, following his research in the internet. Now I know.
Dear Lucy, thanks a lot."

Isil T

Istanbul, Turkey

(Very good work, Lucy! William)



"Out of curiosity I had taken one of Bill's weekend Trigger Point workshops.  Dealing with frustrating physical issues myself and being in the fitness industry I was looking for new ideas and answers to questions I had with regards to reoccurring pain. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Bill's passion for Trigger Point Bodywork, and his style of teaching very informative, with just enough humour to keep it interesting. I couldn't get enough. I signed up for another set of workshops the next weekend and then became a client as well. Bill has a wonderful way of relaying information, and his passion for trigger point bodywork is contagious. As a client I found him to go beyond "the call of duty", focusing his energy into "uncovering the mystery" behind the pain. He is very thorough, easy to talk with and very informative. I would highly recommend him to any one searching for an alternative to the traditional, you might be pleasantly surprised, I was."

Deb B.




"I ended up in Bill's office after 3 1/2 years of daily pain - worn out emotionally, physically, and somewhat financially from all the different modalities I had tried. Finally I was willing to "surrender" and do what he told me to do - I stopped working-out (which I love, and is my job) and started listening to Bill, and my body.

I admit, I was very skeptical and I didn't believe it when he said, "it's not supposed to hurt when I press on your muscles." Everything hurt, I had trigger points all over.

What he did say, which made a great deal of sense to me was - "when you break a bone, it is protected with a cast and you are forced to rest it and let it heal. We (somewhat reluctantly) accept this as effective protocol. However, when we "break a muscle" we don't cast it, so we often push through without giving muscle the desperate rest and healing time it needs to recover". By following Bill's protocol, I have gone from 98% PAIN, to 98% PAIN FREE!

With his guidance, I am now starting back to a gentle exercise routine, and will gradually increase the program back to my usual work-out routine.

For those of you who are in pain, what do you have to lose?

Trigger Point bodywork has worked for me and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the results".

Thank you, Bill 

S. L.

Nanaimo, BC




"The first time I went to see Bill I was in extremely bad shape. My sciatica was so bad that the sharp shooting pains running down my leg were like electrical shocks and I didn't know when to expect them. First thing in the morning was the worst, it made it very hard for me to put weight on my feet and stand up. My whole body ached and I had to stop the physical activity that I loved so much. I didn't know what was happening to me and wondered how bad it would get. I was very scared with my worsening condition. I tried numerous treatments and practitioners in different modalities, including delving into psychological problems that may be contributing to my symptoms. I began researching on the internet, but I didn't really know what to look for. Then I came across Myofascial Pain Syndrome and it talked about trigger points and Trigger Point Therapy. When I read the description of this syndrome, I was actually relieved. I finally knew what was wrong with me!! The problem was in my muscles. I had been in numerous car accidents when I was young and also had done weight lifting for years causing a lot of damage to my muscles.

It took a while for me to become pain-free but with each treatment I felt a bit of relief. I have not had sciatica since and I don't plan ever to have it again. I still keep up with weekly or twice-monthly appointments because I am back to my active lifestyle and I want to keep my muscles healthy.

I seriously don't know what I would have done if I had not found Bill and Trigger Point. I feel so blessed that he lives in the same city and grateful that I was introduced to him and his treatment".

Diana M.



"Trigger Point therapy resolves muscle pain! It is the answer to relief of most pain that escapes traditional medical approaches offered by by health care professionals to-day.

This is from my personal experience. Following a major hip fracture, recovery was slow in coming because of major pain from my knee. At first, a "grin and bear" approach was used and progress was attained through physical therapy. With the addition of Trigger Point therapy, recovery has been accelerated and the pain factor reduced to a much more bearable level. Major gains are being made with full recovery in sight".


Nanaimo, BC




"I have been seeing Bill for Trigger Point over the past year. It has changed my life in more ways than one. Originally, I went to see him regarding bladder problems, and he found many other trigger points that needed some TLC. I had been struggling with my bladder for seven years, I had surgery twice and saw many specialists regarding it. After three sessions with Bill, it started to improve. I had so many trigger points in my abdominals, that it was referring pain (and symptoms) to my bladder.

I also suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 3 years, after about 2 months all the symptoms I had were gone. By seeing Bill and practicing home self-treatment, to this day I am still symptom free. Again, I had tried medication, herbs, acupuncture and other methods and nothing seemed to work. All of the stress over the years had built up and caused a lot of my symptoms. Being a personal trainer I am very active and so a lot of my muscles had endured high impact and the stress of over-training. I also used to suffer from PMS, severe cramps and headaches - by regularly seeing Bill and doing home self-treatments, my monthly encounters are almost symptom free. It is such a great feeling.

We underestimate the power our muscles have over our bodies, after all, we are made up of so many tiny and large muscles that we have no idea what they can do under stress.

Over the last year I have learned from Bill, to listen to my body and how to prevent trigger points. As mentioned above, stress (emotional and physical) plays a huge factor in myofascial trigger points, and they can be hiding in places you least expect. I now know how my body works and how to keep on top of things.

I hope that even one person will read my story and be able to get some help for themselves. I truly believe that trigger point therapy (bodywork) can help with many symptoms, and if you have patience and have tried everything else, it will work with time. Remember, it didn't take overnight for your symptoms to appear, so it may take time to alleviate them".


British Columbia, Canada



"Working on my feet all day, and instructing group fitness in the evenings, has left my feet in disrepair. When thinking about an end to my foot pain, I was convinced that Trigger Point was just one more thing that wasn't going to work. However, within a few regular sessions with Bill, I noticed a significant decrease in the pain, and shortly after, the pain that I'd had for close to ten years was gone.

I highly recommend Bill and his approach to Trigger Point Therapy to anyone searching for an end to their aches and pains".

Melissa H. 




"My husband suffered from low back pain for years & has spent a small fortune on massages, chiropractors, acupuncture, etc. and they all helped in the short term, but the pain eventually came back.

One day, he picked up a brochure about Trigger Point Bodywork & decided to give it a try. After only 2 sessions, he knew that he'd finally come across a treatment that was going to work. Then I attended a day-long workshop about Trigger Point Bodywork. Even as a person in her 60's, with no medical or fitness background, I gained enough insight & knowledge,  and along with the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, I am now to be able to help him & also myself.

Trigger Point Bodywork definitely plays a big part in our lives now for overcoming pain. I highly recommend you try it".

Pat L.

Nanaimo, B.C.




"The Trigger Point treatments I have received from Bill Huhn, have changed my life. I work in the landscape industry and the physical demands on my body over the last 20 plus years have created a few issues. Ten years ago I had a hip flexor injury which would not heal, and nothing seemed to help the situation. Countless physical therapy treatments did not address the problem, just offered some short term relief. Several times I would receive treatment walk to my truck and have my hip go out of alignment while getting into my vehicle. Soon I  began to lose feeling on the side of my right leg from my hip to the knee. The problem worsened and soon it was cramping during the night and causing disruption to my sleep.

I was near my wits end when I heard about the Trigger Point Bodywork. After just three sessions the circulation returned to my leg and hip area and the cramping ceased. I finally feel that the problem has been addressed and I can now look forward to another 20 years in the landscape industry.

Bill was able to identify the problem and provide very professional and  effective treatment. I would highly recommend his service to anyone."    

Jamie W. 

Vancouver Island, BC



"The results that I received from your Trigger Point Bodywork were nothing short of amazing. For the past two years I had been dealing with chronic back pain that was affecting my work and personal life. My doctor had retired, and it was my new doctor who recommended Trigger Point Therapy. Having had no success with other forms of therapy I decided to give it a try. After four Trigger Point sessions with you my back pain completely disappeared. I was waiting for the pain to return, but it has been over 3 months now and I feel great! It was a pleasure meeting you, you have a true passion for the work that you perform, and I highly recommend your services to those suffering from chronic pain".

Donna V.




"I am 19 years old and I have kyphosis and chronic pain in my back and neck. I have tried a lot of different types of therapy and nothing has given me relief like Trigger Point has. Bill knows what he is doing and is professional. I have never felt as good for years, as I feel now".




William Huhn Method TM "Client Testimonials", does not endeavor to marginalize any other form of therapy or bodywork.
Most physical therapies have their benefits and may be effective in treating pain.
However, many therapies will be ineffective, if the causal trigger points are not addressed and removed.

William Huhn 

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